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Android Course
  • What is Android
  • About Open Source
  • Brief history of Android
  • Why is Android important?
  • What benefits does Android have?
  • What is OHA?
  • Why to choose Android?
  • Advantages of Android
  • Android features
  • Android market
  • Java Me to Android
  • About Smart Phone Environment

Android SDK:-
  • What is Android SDK
  • Development Framework
  • Android Emulator

Android Architecture:-
  • Android Applications
  • Android Application Framework
  • Android Libraries
  • Core Libraries
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Linux Kernel

Managing Virtual Devices:-
  • Managing and Creating new Virtual Devices
  • Managing AVD Manager
  • Using Android Emulator
  • Using Real Android Device

Getting Started:-
  • How to select Android version?
  • Creating your First Activity
  • Setting up Launch Configuration
  • Running and Debugging Application
  • Understanding the Hello World program
  • List of Basic examples

Activity Main Components:-
  • Activities
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Intents
  • Notifications
  • Manifest File

  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Handling multiple activities
  • Data sharing between activities

Android Layouts:-
  • What are views, Layouts and there classification?
  • How Android Draws views and Layout?
  • Classification
  • Table Layout ln detail with Example
  • Tab Layout ln detail with Example
  • Frame Layout ln detail with Example
  • Absolute Layout ln detail with Example
  • Linear Layout in detail with Example

Android Views:-
  • Grid View In detail With Example
  • Map View In detail with Example
  • Cont. Sub Topical Views
  • Web View In detail with Example
  • Spinner In detail with Example
  • Gallery In detail with Example
  • Google Map View In detail with Example
  • Introduction to creating activity user with views
  • Different ways of creating views Using xml

Advanced User Interface:-
  • Styles and themes
  • Multiple screen support
  • Introduction to Jquery
  • JQuery work in Android

  • Multipane & Singlepane
  • Fragment Life Cycle
  • Addition of Fragments
  • Fragments Working without UI

  • How to create menus?
  • Types of Android Application Menus
  • Option Menu
  • Popup Menu
  • Expanded - In detail with Example
  • Context Menu ln detail with example
  • Sub Menu-In detail with example

  • Introduction to dialogs
  • Showing and dismissing of dialog boxes
  • Alert dialog In detail with example
  • Progress dialog In detail with example
  • Threading and handler
  • Creating running applications-Events
  • Creating running applications-Dialogs

  • Notifying Users
  • Status bar Notification
  • Toast Notification
  • Dialog Notification

Camera, Taking Pictures
  • Controlling the camera and taking pictures
  • Reading and Writing JPEG EXIF Image Details

Media API
  • Playing audio and video
  • Introducing the media player
  • Preparing audio for playback
  • Packaging audio as an application resource
  • Initializing audio content for playback
  • Preparing for video playback
  • Playing video using the video view
  • Setting up a surface for video playback
  • Initializing video content for playback
  • Supported video formats
  • Controlling playback
  • Managing media playback output
  • Multimedia supported audio formats
  • Recording audio and video
  • Using Intents to Record Video
  • Configuring and Controlling Video Recording
  • Previewing Video Recording
  • Adding new media to media storage
  • Using the Media Scanner
  • Inserting Media into the Media Store
  • Raw video manipulation
  • Recording Sound with Audio Record
  • Playing Sound with Audio Track
  • Creating and Running and Testing

Text –Speech
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Text

Drawing 2D and 3D Graphics
  • Rolling your own Widgets
  • Drawables
  • Bitmaps
  • Paint

Data Security and Permission
  • Security Architecture
  • User Ids and File Access
  • Using Permissions
  • Declaring and Enforcing Permissions

Introduction SMS and MMS
  • Using SMS and MMS in Your Application
  • Sending SMS and MMS from your Application
  • Using Intents and the Native Client
  • Sending SMS Messages Manually
  • Tracking and Conforming SMS Message
  • Delivery
  • Conforming to the Maximum SMS
  • Message Size Sending DAT Messages

Content Providers
  • What is content provider
  • How to access build in Content provider
  • Retrieving build - in Content provider data

Android Telephony
  • Launching the Dialer to Initiate Phone
  • Calls Replacing the Native Dialer
  • Accessing phone and Network Properties & Status
  • Reading Phone Device Details
  • Reading Data Connection and Transfer State
  • Reading Network Details

Sensor Device
  • Using sensors and the sensor manager
  • Introducing Sensors
  • Supported Android Sensors
  • Finding Sensors
  • Using Sensors
  • Interpreting the sensor values
  • Using the compass , accelerometer and orientation sensors
  • Introducing Accelerometers
  • Detecting Acceleration Changes

Data Storage
  • Android techniques for data storage
  • Creating and saving shared preferences
  • Retrieving shared preferences
  • Storing in files
  • Loading from files.
  • Storing in databases.

Working with SQL Lite
  • Introducing SQLite database.
  • Working with Android databases.
  • Using SQLite OpenHelper.
  • Cursors and content values.
  • Opening and closing Database

  • Creating background services
  • Creating and controlling services
  • Registering a service in the manifest
  • Starting, controlling, and interacting with a service

  • Threading Concept
  • Multiple threading
  • Cross threading operations

Web Services with Architecture
  • What are webservices
  • Web service Architecture
  • Parsing Techniques JSON, XML
  • Consuming WebServices
  • CRUD Operations over Server

Maps, GEO coding and Location Based Services
  • Using Location Based Services
  • Working with the location manager
  • Configuring the Emulator to Test Location Based Services

P2P Communication
  • Introduction Android Instant Messaging
  • Using the GTalk Service
  • Binding the the GTalk Service
  • Making a GTalk Connection and Starting an IM Session
  • Handling Subscription Rausts
  • Removing and Blocking Contacts
  • Managing the User's Presence
  • Managing Chat Session
  • Sending Instant Text Messages
  • Receiving Instant Text Messages
  • Chat Rooms and Group Chats
  • Managing Group Chat Sessions
  • Sending an receiving Data Messages
  • Transmitting Data Messages
  • Receiving Data Messages

Google Cloud Messaging
  • What is GCM ?
  • GCM Architecture
  • GCM Services
  • Instant Messaging
  • TTL (Time to Live)
  • Group Messaging
  • Server Communication

Using Bluetooth and Managing and Monitoring Wi-Fi
  • Accessing the Local Bluetooth Device
  • Adapter
  • Managing Bluetooth Properties and State
  • Managing Device Discoverability
  • Discovering Remote Devices
  • Monitoring Active Connection Details
  • Scanning for Hotspots
  • Managing Wi-Fi Configurations
  • Creating Wi-Fi Network Configurations
  • Device Vibration
  • Controlling device vibration

BroadCast Receivers
  • Developing a Broadcast Receiver Component
  • Registering a Receiver
  • Broadcasting a Custom Intent

Major Project for 15 days

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